Senior Designer/Head of Studio

The Minimart seek a senior designer looking to grow quickly into Head of design role.

You will be a strong all rounder who his passionate about all areas of design. You will have good experience and background from multiple disciplines. We look for a candidate whom can deliver outstanding work in the four following areas:


You will have a strong approach to branding from strategic to conceptual through to execution. You will be confident in presenting brand world concepts to clients and supporting/motivating a team of designers along the journey. We even get branding briefs for the likes of Commonwealth & The Queen! You will be confident in producing everything from logos through to a variety of campaign assets.

Graphic Design, Advertising and Print Production

You will be confident in producing layouts for advertising. Proficient skills in art direction, typography and retouching are key. We even have clients that we create packaging for! You will also be confident producing and supplying artwork to all types of media. Having good experience with colour proofing/wet proofing is a bonus. Any candidate should demonstrate the highest level of graphic design skills and attention to detail is key.

Website and Digital

Good knowledge of current digital trends. Full understanding of typography, colour theory, layout principles, web standards, best practice and user experience. Ensures the design process works from brief to concept across mobile, web and email design.

3D Visualiser

You will be confident as a 3D visualiser. Your work should demonstrate previous experience using Cinema 4D for architectural/ interior modelling, moving image or stills for advertising. It’s crucial that you can demonstrate a professional ability to work across all project stages, including modelling, rendering, texturing and lighting. It is important to our team and clients that you are able to delivery and assist at all stages of visualisation.

Please note that character modelling, rigging, particle animation or any other specialism in 3D is not essential.

Use of all key Adobe Suite applications and Cinema 4D is mandatory for this role. Please do not apply if you do not meet this criterion.

Personality is key. We require a candidate who is bursting with passion. We are an independent agency of young, ambitious and energetic people. We love what we do and we love working with each other. It is also important you are someone who likes and can contribute to a fun, vibrant agency culture.

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