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The Protein Project


Maximuscle was competing in a crowded and fast developing market, populated by brands that promised to transform iron-pumping fanatics into muscle-bound behemoths. The industry was characterised by a proposition of ‘specialist products for specialist trainers’ and therefore not for ‘ordinary’ people, along with a darker association to damaging ingredients or plain ineffectiveness.


Maximuscle was at the forefront of developing a range of protein supplements which helped increase muscle mass and weight when used in tandem with healthy diet and exercise. With the help of The Minimart they launched a range of products designed for use by anyone interested in getting the most benefit from their exercise, from those focused building muscle mass, increasing endurance to quicker recovery and weight management. There were specific products for women and for older people, as well as more easily consumed ‘shakes’ for everyday use.

In this way, we helped Maximuscle be in the vanguard of ‘normalising’ protein supplement usage. We helped take protein out of the locker room and into the mainstream.


The scepticism remained. A television documentary in the Summer of 2012 dismissed the whole industry as a faddish waste of time and portrayed consumers as victims of exploitative marketing blackmail. We decided the best way to deal with this was to take the issue head on and in this way place Maximuscle in the eye of the storm. We wanted to demonstrate to people, in real time, the positive effects that protein supplements can have. So, we invited applications to take part in a live,  ‘before the nation’ project. Out of 10,000 applicants, three ordinary guys were selected and put on a 12-week course of supplement, diet and exercise. Weekly webisodes enabled people to follow their progress, and share their diet and exercise programmes. A series of public events showcased the project and the final selection of ‘most improved’ guy was left to a public vote. As you will see in the film, the results for the individuals speak for themselves.


The results for the business are no less amazing. The idea of the ‘Protein Project’ was shared amongst like-minded exercise enthusiasts and thousands of people embarked on their own regime. The ‘Protein Project’ had proven once and for all that anyone with an interest in exercise can benefit from the use of protein supplements and this helped Maximuscle achieve and establish its position as Europe’s no.1 supplements brand.

Fun Fact

Helping and supporting the journey with our 3 guys are over 40 professional sports stars and athletes including boxing legend Amir Khan, England Rugby number 8 James Haskell and players from Everton FC.