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Merlin Social Campaign


Mobilise Merlin fans through social media channels and create anticipation ahead of the new series launch on the BBC.


Merlin fans are dedicated and fastidiously seek out opportunities to engage with the show across different platforms. They share facts with other fans and enjoy being the first to know.


We created an online community, based on access to exclusive content and merchandise ahead of the new series of ‘The Adventures of Merlin’ on the BBC. Access to the exclusive material was made available through an online treasure hunt where participants viewed rich media content and answered questions to progress to the next level in order to win prizes. We seeded and supported this via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


In the first week of launch we were the 52nd most visited YouTube channel in the UK with over 41,000 views. In total we achieved 126,000 upload views, while gaining 60,000 new Facebook friends.

Fun Fact

The castle featured in the series is called Château de Pierrefonds and can be found in Pierrefonds, Oise, Picardy, France.