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IPA Academy

The IPA briefed us to create a print campaign to encourage the top graduates and talented students to consider advertising for their future. No easy brief – an ad for advertising!

The IPA had identified in research that awareness and consideration for our advertising industry was surprisingly low. We are missing out on two pools of talent: Firstly, we are not attracting many general subject graduates (studying the likes of English, History, Economics & Psychology) who could do very well in a career in advertising but frequently don’t even consider our profession whilst being aggressively targeted by a number of mainstream professions such as accountancy and management consultancy; then secondly students in specialist courses (such as design, programming, IT and data) who are not realizing their skills are in constant need in our industry.

We created two press executions for student print – one of which focused on more academic students whilst the other focused on the more creative related courses. We also created a fold out leaflet for careers advice departments and student unions.

Fun Fact

Tim, one of our Founding Creative Partners, sits on the IPA Council.