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Fuel British Sport


There is a high degree of brand loyalty to competitor brands such as SIS, High 5 and Powerbar. There is a desire to shift market share from these brands to Maxifuel.


Maxifuel is the fuel of athletes, both amateur and elite. From GB hockey to GB triathlon, marathon runners to sprinters, our brand ambition is to ‘Fuel British Sport’. The role of the advertising is twofold. To demonstrate, in a dynamic and energised way, the effects Maxifuel has on athletes and to inspire both elite and amateurs alike to aim higher, especially in this Olympic year. The campaign shows Maxifuel as a powerful energy source driving the UK Youth Cycling Team to the finish line, pushing Ultra Runner Brian Cole to new distances and flowing through the GB Tri Team as they stand proudly as if on the podium (where we expect to see them in July). Our headlines are intentionally rousing, designed to drive elite athletes to the brand while also inspiring the millions of weekend runners, cyclists and tri-athletes to use Maxifuel to push their own personal bests.


The campaign has been active for 2 months so we are waiting for sales and awareness results to come through.

Fun Fact

Brian Cole Maxifuel’s ultra distance ambassador runs over 120 miles every week in training.