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‘Fridge’ – British Asian Media


Rubicon was launched some thirty years ago. Using ‘exotic’ fruits to create juices and carbonated drinks, the natural target audience for the brand was the British Asian community, many of whom would have grown up eating those fruit. However as the brand grew successful and demand expanded, new competitors entered the market and threatened to steal share of throat. Moreover Rubicon’s success meant that it gained broader distribution and was being drunk by an increasingly mainstream audience. Our challenge was to ensure that whilst Rubicon continued to grow it didn’t lose its all-important Asian consumer.


Whilst many new brands purport to offer ‘exotic’ fruit flavoured drinks the reality is that many of these blend more expensive exotic fruit with local or cheaper fruits to make the ingredients go further. Rubicon on the other hand has stayed true to its Asian credentials – only ever using pure fruit pulp and in some cases, like Mango juice, only ever using the very best Alfonso Mangoes. A quality credential and taste that most Asians would appreciate.


It’s safe to say that Food is at the heart of Asian family life and as such the kitchen is often the stage for family interaction and bonding. By placing Rubicon in the fridge and ‘observing’ life through the fridge door, we were able to subtly but effectively anchor our role as a staple of family life.

Fun Fact

Our director, Menhaj Huda also directed the highly acclaimed British film, Kidulthood in 2006.