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For All Of Life’s Little Dramas


Sucocrem Antisceptic Healing Cream is the UK’s most loved and most used nappy rash cream. Competing against new specialist players such as Bepanthen, as well as big spending generalists such as Johnson & Johnson, we were briefed to find a way to protect and grow sales.


Sudocrem has been Mum’s ally in the treatment of nappy rash for over 80 years. Its active ingredients are effective in the treatment of minor bumps, bruises, burns, and bites. From our analysis of the product we realized that Sudocrem can be used for a range of skincare occasions beyond purely nappy rash and therefore appropriate for use on all the family.


Mums remain the chief carer at the heart of family life; they take pride in their position and search out brands they trust to help them perform their role.  When we spoke with Mums we discovered that they already used Sudocrem for a range of skin care situations beyond nappy rash and that we were therefore in a strong position to celebrate the versatility of the product. We created the brand idea ‘For all of life’s little dramas’ and brought this to life in the story of two little boys boasting about their various bumps and bruises. We also invited Mums online to share their ‘little drama’ and how Sudocrem had helped. This created a new, more wide-ranging role for Sudocrem in everyday family life, increasing the usage opportunities and therefore driving brand consideration and rate of sale.


In tracking, 84% of Mums understood that Sudocrem is for ‘all of life’s little dramas’ and 59% confirmed that ‘Sudocrem is a versatile brand’. Total EPOS sales during the TV sales period were up 16.4% compared to prior period.

Fun Fact

The scene in Jaws in which Hooper & Brody compare shark wounds was the inspiration for the scene.