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Boss It

In our first major campaign for sports nutrition brand Sci-Mx, we wanted to find a way to truly capture the positive attitude that Sci-Mx and its users share. A genuine zest for life; a dedication to always being the best, but without ever taking yourself too seriously. This led us to coin the phrase ‘Boss It’ – a state of mind; an attitude that represents achievement, Sci-Mx style. Confident, positive, likeable and ownable, it’s fast becoming a part of modern gym-going vernacular.

The campaign launched with print ads across leading health and fitness titles, and continues to make waves in social media. It combines punchy copy with hyper-real imagery of gym equipment depicted in a state of post-workout distress (unlike our featured Sci-Mx athletes, who have ‘Bossed’ their workouts, leaving the gym machinery in a considerably worse-off state than themselves).