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A Day In The Life


The OTC pharmaceutical market for infant products is a crowded and competitive one.  Sudocrem, whilst a household name, competes with other well-known brands like Bepanthan and is outspent by much larger brand owners like Johnson & Johnson and P&G.  Demonstrating efficacy of use and leveraging a trusted brand name is key to gaining share of mind and ultimately, wallet.


A lighter formulation than the classic Sudocrem product, Care & Protect was designed for everyday use and as a preventative for nappy rash, rather than as a cure.  As a new launch it was imperative for the work to provide an engaging product demonstration – emphasising the ease of use and the daily ‘regime’ nature of the new product.


Being a new parent is a daunting time and developing a feed/sleep/care routine for baby is critical. What parents look for are brands that are tried and trusted, which offer ease of use and which they can incorporate into their and baby’s daily routine.  By asserting Sudocrem’s 80 years heritage and dramatising a typical 24 hours in a parent’s life we were not only able to show how the new product should be used and legitimise it, we were also able to demonstrate a level of empathy with what our audience were experiencing.


Post-air tracking proved the ad to be highly enjoyable and relevant, with a third of Mum’s saying they were more likely to purchase having seen it. Sales have doubled in each week since airing began.

Fun Fact

The actors we cast are a real husband and wife.