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2nd June 2017 - 1 comment.

Are Britain’s favourite snacks out-smarting us?

Quick Quiz

First, some crisp trivia:

  • What song by Cyndy Lauper appeared on the 1984 promotional party record for KP Crisps?
  • How do you win the Wheat Crunchies challenge?
  • Who links Wotsits with The Damned?
  • In blind tests, which crisp flavour is recognised better than any other?

When it comes to selling crisps I probably know more than a planner would reasonably be expected to know.  I’ve worked with some of the most famous brands (from Golden Wonder in the 1980s to Walkers today), I’ve spent years in the category, spoken with hundreds of crisp eaters (as a market researcher) and made scores of ads and promotions. I even won the first UK APG Creative Strategy Awards Grand Prix with a paper on Nik Naks(1).
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