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15th April 2016 - No Comments!

What makes a good placement team?

As a fresh bunch of new young creatives put the finishing touches to their books (or rather online websites) at universities and colleges across the land, me and my Art Director must once again decide on what makes a good book, or rather a good placement team? What makes them standout from the crowd? And most importantly, what makes them a team you just have to get in… and hopefully one-day hire?

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12th April 2016 - No Comments!

Have you ‘ad’ your chocolate this Easter?

Confectionary adverts are the stuff of legends. They vary from being overly sexual, cringeworthy… and sometimes just downright bizarre.

This Easter at Minimart we’re playing homage to some of the most delicious ads of all time by setting this rather tasty little quiz. Question is, are you full of ‘cracking’ ad knowledge – or is your brain as empty as… well an Easter Egg? Let’s find out.

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